Hello and welcome to my blog. This is a compilation of travel stories, photos and places that I have visited over the years (although once in a while I will include places that I WANT to visit!). I love to travel and am also a bit of a "foodie" so every now and then I will probably start talking about my favorite restaurants too. Enjoy!

Sunrise at Kruger National Park, South Africa

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Hello everybody and welcome to my first travel blog! I am sitting at a pub in Heathrow airport (drinking a pint of course!) waiting for my flight to South Africa. I am about to head home for the holidays, but will be adding some fun new adventures in Botswana and Zimbabwe on the way. What started out as a daydream about all the great places that I will be going on this trip, became a private trip down memory lane to some of the awesome places that I have been fortunate to visit so far. And with that my idea for a Travel Blog was created. I am not a writer or a photographer – I’m just a girl with a passion for traveling …

My obsession with travel began at age 8 when my family emigrated from South Africa to the United States. My brother and I thought we were just going on a year long around-the-world adventure with London as the first stop! Our trip included stays in London, Toronto, Vancouver B.C., Los Angeles and, finally, the San Francisco Bay Area (which is where we settled for good). When we landed in London and took that first double-decker bus ride, I was hooked -- the buzz of the city, the lights, the architecture, the London Bobbies, and my first Andrew Lloyd Webber play (Starlight Express, which was my choice because of the roller-skates…). I felt like the luckiest kid in the world! And my love of travel was born... I vowed at that point that when I grew up, I would travel around the world just like my parents and see as many new places as possible. So far I have done pretty well, but as I check one new place off the list, it inevitably grows by at least 3 more.

Unfortunately, since TRAVEL = TIME + MONEY and most of us have to work full time, this blog is going to be a compilation of new places I am visiting, some old favorites from past trips, and my ever-growing list of places and things I still want to see. Of course, travel and food go hand in hand so I will probably include some of my favorite restaurants discovered during my travels as well. J I hope you enjoy my ramblings, and please bear with me as I begin my adventure as a burgeoning travel photographer!

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