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Sunrise at Kruger National Park, South Africa

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My New Obsession: Water Lilies

Our guide, Water, pulled a Day Lily from the delta and showed us how the women of his tribe make necklaces from these flowers by taking the stalk and splitting it into two pieces, then wrapping it around your neck with the flower in front like a pendant. Many women make these necklaces for their wedding since they do not have much money to by jewelry or other adornments. A picture of the necklace that Water gave me is here on the right. Cute huh?

So my obsession officially blossomed (no pun intended) during our boat cruise around the Delta. I started snapping endless pics as we drove by the various pockets of lillies. Unfortunately with a moving boat and ripples in the water, many of the pics did not turn out (I mentioned that I am a new photographer right?!), but I did manage to capture a few good ones to share in the process!

Below is my absolute favorite, and to my amazement, did not require ANY post-processing in photoshop (not kidding!) -- it is of Day Lilies on the waters of the Okavango. Somehow everything came together perfectly -- the late afternoon sunlight, calm waters, and the boat stopping to watch some hippos on the other side of the waterway -- and I was able to capture this simple but stunning image (in my humble opinion).

Below are my other favorite pics. Hope you enjoy!

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